Best peaches of 2019

Best peaches of 2019

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Previously, peach in the country could be considered a tourist attraction, but today you can meet a wide variety of varieties on your own plots. The only problem is to choose the right variety so that it can cover all your requirements, and give a good harvest every year.

And, true, a dozen or two years ago there were not so many peaches in the dachas, but now that you can buy high-quality seedlings in any city or village, many summer residents plant a crop in the garden and expect from juicy, fleshy and very sweet fruits. To my great regret, not all hopes are justified, because in order to grow a quality crop, you need to choose the right variety for your region, for soil and climate, and many more criteria.

Today we decided to study some varieties of peach, which, in our opinion, are most worthy to settle in the country. It should be understood that for each region its own variety is suitable.

Early peach varieties 2018

The fruits of early varieties can be tasted already in the first half of summer. But for this it is necessary to choose a quality seedling and plant it on the site, respectively, agricultural technology.

Kiev early

Early Kiev attracts not only summer residents, but also professional entrepreneurs who grow this variety in the Crimea and in many other regions, where it has been warm since spring. It differs in juicy and very tasty fruits of medium size, medium density and beautiful, light yellow or with a pink tint.

Early Kiev is an industrial variety, and therefore it will be quite easy to get seedlings. After the purchase, it will only be necessary to plant the plant and try to devote maximum time to it in the first years of life.

The plant shows high productivity and excellent resistance to powdery mildew and klyasterosporozu. He does not like Kiev early, excessive dryness of the soil, but it is extremely negative for waterlogging.


If you are looking for a summer cottage really juicy and tasty variety, Redhaven is great for you. This is a newcomer variety that is perfectly adapted to local growing conditions, and therefore can show good results, both in private and industrial breeding.

Redhaven gives large fruits, sometimes more than 150 g, which have an excellent taste (almost the highest tasting score). The fruit's color is orange-yellow, with red spots or interspersed, the flesh is yellow, tender, with a pleasant and very strong aroma. That is why Redhaven is so popular with children, and adults do not mind trying a great peach with an unforgettable taste.

The variety is resistant to winter and spring frosts, curls and many other diseases, but it is affected by fungi, especially with improper agricultural technology. But, you can always protect the tree from diseases, if you fertilize and stimulate growth and development in time, as well as take preventive measures, which experts advise in relation to each individual variety.


If you like large peaches, we recommend that you pay attention to the Collins variety. The weight of the fruit is about 150 g, the taste is sweet with a light and very pleasant acidity, the color is red-yellow interspersed.

The peach is very productive, and therefore the fruits must be removed from the tree on time so that the crop does not break the branches. Try to collect peaches sequentially, as they do not ripen at the same time, but for some time.

This variety is resistant to curly and powdery mildew, tolerates winter and spring frosts.

The peculiarity of the variety is the great need for top dressing, regular watering and timely pruning with the formation of the crown. Only a well-groomed tree can please you with a stable crop of large fruits.

In addition to the varieties indicated by us, you can always plant other early varieties at the cottage, for example, peach Juicy and Favorit Moretini.

Medium and late ripening peaches

At the dacha there are quite a lot of fruits that produce crops early, and therefore some summer residents prefer later varieties of peaches. Perhaps the reason is the consistent use of delicious vitamins throughout the warm season. Let’s choose the best late-ripening peach for planting in the country.


The variety attracts with its persistent charm, because each individual fruit is a real masterpiece. Average size, weight 140 g, carmine blush, sometimes replaced with pure yellow skin ... and if we talk about taste, you can forget about it here, because 5 points on the main tasting scale is the height of perfection. Of course, there are other juicy, sweet and fragrant varieties, but Cardinal is definitely among the leaders.

Planting material can always be found on sale, but the purchase of a seedling is only the beginning, because this variety will require special care from you, as it does not tolerate frosts very well.

If we talk about diseases, then powdery mildew is not afraid of Cardinal, and this is seriously pleasing. Try to constantly keep the plant in good shape, supply fertilizer and moisture on time, because the formation of a large crop requires constant recharge.


It adapts perfectly to almost any, of course, reasonable conditions. This characteristic makes the Kremlin variety very popular, despite the fact that it does not show fruits of special sizes at a constant level, although some trees bear peaches under 200 g in weight.

Fruits are orange or yellow, with a red blush or extensive patches, very juicy and fragrant, sweet or sweet and sour taste.

The variety is not very susceptible to many diseases and shows high winter hardiness, which is very good for regions with a cool climate.

It is worth growing under standard conditions, but try to carefully monitor the watering, as the trees do not really like strong moisture. Therefore, they need to be planted on flat areas or elevations, and rarely, but systematically, watered.

The description of peach varieties will give you only basic information for choosing seedlings. In the future, you will have serious work to grow, care and reproduce.

New 2018 Varieties

Sunrise, Golden Jubilee, White Swan, Veteran, Peace Ambassador, Redgold, Flavertop, Bogun, Greensboro, Dzhaminat, Krasnodar, Rainbow, Stavropolsky, Elberta - all known varieties that can often be seen in the country, but we would like to introduce you to the American and Canadian peach varieties that are adapted to our climate and show excellent yield results.

Among these varieties there are nectarines, fig peaches, frost-resistant and just winter-hardy varieties: Harbinger, Harrow Diamond, Harnas, Airlie Redhaven, Harco, Suncrest, Inca.

We are well aware that it is quite difficult to choose the right kind of peach for summer cottage.but you need to make the right choice if you want to receive large, sweet, juicy and fragrant fruits of a wonderful plant throughout the summer, or even at the beginning of autumn. Be careful, because you need to buy not just a selection variety, the description of which you liked, but a specially adapted seedling, preferably famous or even advised to you by your summer cottage neighbor, who has been harvesting trees for several years. Of course, you can always go to stores on the Web or botanical gardens, but then at your own peril and risk.

Peach varieties and the best harvests

After buying a seedling, be sure to study its proper planting and care in the first few years after planting - this is the main period when a plant needs care. In the future, of course, agricultural technology should also be observed, but, like any mature plant, a peach will no longer require as much attention from you as immediately.

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