Confidor Extra: instructions for use, reviews, consumption

Confidor Extra: instructions for use, reviews, consumption

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Confidor Extra is a new generation insecticide that is highly effective. The drug is manufactured by the German company Bayer CropScience. This tool helps to fight a whole range of pests of fruit and indoor crops, which is indicated in the instructions. Such qualities of the drug as ease of use, availability, effectiveness and long-term protective action contributed to the growth of its popularity. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews and instructions for the use of Confidor.

"Confidor Extra" dissolves well and is convenient to use in greenhouses

What is Confidor for?

According to the instructions for the drug, "Confidor Extra" is a contact-systemic insecticide. This means that it acts not only when the solution hits the pest directly, but also when it gets inside as a result of eating the leaves and shoots of the plant.

The tool can be used indoors and outdoors, as indicated in the instructions. This greatly expands its spectrum of action. "Confidor" is effective against Homoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and a whole range of other pests. The drug penetrates into plant tissues through leaves, shoots and roots, so it can be used for spraying and watering crops. This makes it possible to control pests that live in the soil or lead a hidden lifestyle.

The destructive effect of Confidor helps to get rid of:

  • bark beetle;
  • thrips;
  • whitefly;
  • leaf rollers;
  • mealybug;
  • apple moth;
  • aphids;
  • bedbugs;
  • Colorado potato beetle.

The product helps not only to protect plants, but also accelerates the restoration of damaged tissues, minimizes stress and activates growth processes. It can be used to protect vegetable, horticultural and indoor ornamental crops.

Important! "Confidor" is ineffective against spider mites, since it is not one of the acaricides.

Composition of Confidor

The drug is available in the form of water-soluble granules, emulsion and concentrate. The advantage is that it is sold in packages of different weights of 1 g, 5 g and 400 g, which allows you to choose the most suitable option.

Important! "Confidor Extra" is not produced in the form of tablets, so you should take this into account when buying.

Due to the increased demand for the drug, many fakes have appeared on the market, especially for granular powder. This "Confidor Extra" has a dark brown tint and has a fine fraction. A fake can be recognized by its light color, large granule size. In addition, real Confidor Extra dissolves easily in water within a few seconds.

On sale you can also find another type of product - "Confidor Maxi", which can also be used against a number of pests. It is considered the previous generation insecticide, but no less effective.

Pros and cons of Confidor from pests

According to the instructions, "Confidor Extra" has a wide range of actions. But when using it, it is necessary to take into account not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the tool, so that later problems do not arise.

The main advantages of "Confidor Extra":

  1. Effective against most common pests.
  2. It has a long-term protective effect from 14 to 30 days.
  3. The first visible results of treatment are noticeable after 3 hours.
  4. It has a contact-intestinal action.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Does not wash away with rain.
  7. Economical consumption.
  8. Can be used with other drugs in one tank mixture.
  9. Able to penetrate root, foliage and shoots.
  10. Accelerates the recovery of damaged tissues.
  11. Not addictive.

The disadvantages of the drug include its toxicity to bees and entomophages, as indicated in the instructions. Therefore, the treatment must be carried out in the early morning or evening. And also the disadvantage is that when purchasing "Confidor Extra", the risk of running into a fake is very high. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to require the seller to provide a certificate.

The main active ingredient of the drug is toxic and can accumulate

Active ingredient of Confidor

The active component of the insecticide is imidacloprid, which is one of the neonicotinoids. It is a nerve poison that immobilizes the pest and disrupts digestion. As a result of treatment, the insect almost immediately stops feeding, and after 30 minutes. his coordination of movement is impaired. The complete death of the pest occurs within 3-6 days.

According to the instructions, during processing, there is no need to even spray the entire crop, since even a partial hit is enough. This is due to the fact that the active component "Confidor" easily penetrates into tissues and quickly spreads throughout the plant. However, it does not penetrate into pollen and fruits.

Important! Due to the ability of imidacloprid to quickly penetrate into plant tissues and a long half-life (180-190 days), Confidor Extra cannot be used for processing herbs and bulbs.

Consumption of Confidor

This drug is economical in consumption. It stands out from other media. To prepare a working fluid, it is necessary to dissolve 1 g of the drug in 5-10 liters of water, depending on the number of pests. The resulting volume is quite enough for processing two hundred square meters of plantations.

The exact dosage and consumption rate is indicated in the instructions for the insecticide, so it must be adjusted depending on the pest and the crop being treated.

Instructions for the use of Confidor

This agent belongs to the number of chemical preparations of the 3rd class of toxicity, as indicated in the instructions. Therefore, when using it, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage and consumption rate of "Confidor" so as not to harm health and plants.

Instructions for the use of Confidor for indoor plants

The product is not volatile, therefore it is suitable for pest control on indoor plants. To do this, you must initially dissolve 1 g of the drug in 1 liter of water, as indicated in the instructions, and mix thoroughly with a wooden stick. After that, pour the concentrate through cheesecloth into a bucket and bring the total volume of liquid to 10 liters, and in case of massive damage to indoor plants, up to 5 liters.

Spray the resulting solution thoroughly indoor plants or water them under the root at the rate of 200 ml per 1 flower. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 7 days until the pests disappear completely. According to the instructions, when using the preparation for watering plants, the procedure can only be carried out with moist soil in a pot in order to exclude root burns.

Important! When spraying indoor plants, the working solution must be sprayed so that it does not fall on flowers and buds, as this will lead to a loss of their decorative effect.

Instructions for the use of Confidor for fruit plants

In case of using this insecticide for horticultural and horticultural crops, it is recommended to apply the treatment in the morning or in the evening. This is due to the fact that the agent has a detrimental effect on bees. In addition, it is necessary to limit their years to 48 hours after spraying.

The drug should be diluted immediately before processing.

The principle of preparation of the working solution according to the instructions is standard. For processing, it is recommended to dissolve "Confidor" in a dosage of 1 g or 1 ml per 1 liter of water and stir until a homogeneous composition is obtained. Then pour the suspension into the sprayer tank through cheesecloth or a fine sieve to eliminate the likelihood of sediment getting into the container. After that, add the liquid so that the total volume becomes 10 liters or 5 liters, depending on the degree of pest infestation.

According to the instructions, "Confidor Extra" is recommended to be used to protect the following crops:

  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • eggplant;
  • pepper;
  • carrots;
  • fruit trees;
  • roses.

Important! "Confidor Extra" has a detrimental effect on adults and larvae of pests.

The maximum result from processing can be achieved at a temperature of + 15-25 degrees, which is indicated in the instructions. At low or high temperatures, the effect of the drug is lost. In the case of using "Confidor" for prophylaxis, 1 treatment may be enough for one season. If used in case of a massive invasion of pests, spraying of plants should be carried out 2-3 times at intervals of 7-12 days.

You can not use the medicine for pests "Confidor" during flowering and the formation of the ovary, and after processing, you need to withstand the waiting period before harvesting 14 days.

Precautions when working with insecticide Confidor

As indicated in the instructions, when working with the drug, standard protective measures must be observed. Despite the fact that "Confidor", like "Aktara", is one of the low-toxic drugs, if the working solution gets on the skin and mucous membranes, it can cause irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to use protective gloves and goggles when processing. Also, during the procedure, you must not smoke, drink or eat.

At the end of the treatment, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap, rinse your mouth and eyes. When an insecticide enters the body, weakness appears. In this case, you must immediately leave the place of work. In addition, you should induce vomiting, increase the amount of water you drink and take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Analogs of Confidor

On sale you can find other insecticides of a similar action, like "Confidor Extra". Moreover, for many, the active ingredient is present in the same concentration. The difference lies only in the additional components that are present in the composition. Therefore, most of them have a directional effect and are suitable only for certain types of crops, as indicated in the instructions.

The main analogues of "Confidor" and their area of ​​application:

  1. Tanrek - Colorado potato beetle, aphid, apple grower, whitefly.
  2. Corado is a Colorado potato beetle.
  3. Spark Gold - whitefly, locust, aphid, wireworm, thrips, Colorado potato beetle.
  4. Commander - Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, aphid, wireworm, thrips.

Terms and conditions of storage of the Confidor

It is recommended to store the insecticide in a dark place, away from pets and children. The shelf life from the date of production is 3 years, which is indicated in the instructions. If the integrity of the packaging is violated, the product should be disposed of away from water bodies, as it is detrimental to fish.

The working solution can be used within 1 day. In the future, it loses its properties. Therefore, it is impractical to prepare it for future use.


Numerous positive reviews and instructions for the use of Confidor confirm the effectiveness of the drug for destroying the main pests of indoor and fruit crops. This explains the demand for the product. But it should be understood that with a massive accumulation of pests, especially in hot conditions, the delayed action of "Confidor" may not bring the desired result. Therefore, experts recommend using this agent mainly for prophylaxis, and in the period of sudden damage to cultures, combine it with instant drugs.

Reviews about Confidor Extra

Irina Davidenko, 47 years old, Ryazan

I have been using Confidor Extra for the last three years. He never let me down, I use it for prophylaxis. Therefore, there are no acute problems with pests. I also use it to process tomato and eggplant seedlings before planting in a permanent place. To do this, I soak the roots in the working solution, calculate the dosage according to the instructions. After such treatment, the plants are not threatened by the Colorado potato beetle, so they quickly adapt and grow.

Svetlana Peskova, 52 years old, Syzran

I used to use Confidor Maxi, but now I switched to Extra. Both drugs have proven to be effective against a whole range of pests. I use "Confidor Extra" for the prevention of damage to indoor and garden crops in closed and open ground, as indicated in the instructions. Previously, in the greenhouse, the whitefly constantly pestered, which just did not try from her. "Confidor" helped. I carry out processing twice a season, and no problems arise. The main thing is, when using this tool, not to wait for mass distribution, but to act in advance.

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