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How to process the beds before planting carrots

How to process the beds before planting carrots

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Good day to all! Tell me, please, with what do you spill or sprinkle the beds before planting carrots? How do you feed her in the future? It was not possible to prepare the garden in advance, all for the first time.


Svetlana! I sprinkled the bed with ash, if any. She made grooves and watered them from a small watering can so as not to blur. I mix the seeds (I have mine) with sand at the rate of calculation, a glass of sand and a tablespoon of seeds with a slide and sprinkle wet groove with this sand and seeds, then sprinkled with dry earth and slightly slammed my palms. No more watering, waiting for seedlings. If the heat is strong, then water. As it comes up I DO NOT WATER A WEEK so that the roots go deeper and the carrots are long.

Can you pour carrots on Yulia’s recipe?

I water carrots almost every day. Waiting for seedlings. So I'm doing it in vain? Drowning a seed?

Today I watched a video of Julia, so she says, after sprinkling with earth, the seeds should not be watered from above, so that a crust does not form, it must be shed well before sowing

Friends, I want to clarify, according to the recipe Julia needs 100 grams of dry yeast. It's not a mistake? It turns out 9-10 sachets of 11 grams?

I can not say exactly. This method was suggested to me and I use it. The crust on the surface does not form and the carrots sprouted well. Maybe the seeds are mine. This year sowed Canada yet, while there are no seedlings. We are now only once a week in the garden and there is often no possibility and need to water too.

Irina, 100 grams of fresh yeast, and dry 10 grams.

Many thanks.

It's my pleasure. 🙂

Michael, carrots, except for ash, have never fed anything. Probably possible. I know that when a carrot has 3-4 leaves and weakly develops, then you can feed bird droppings 1:10 or 1:15. But cucumbers are very fond of yeast top dressing.

Or 100g. Raw or 1 packet dry.

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