How to pickle kohlrabi cabbage

How to pickle kohlrabi cabbage

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Kohlrabi is a type of white cabbage, which is also called "cabbage turnip". The vegetable is a stem crop, the ground part of which looks like a ball. Its core is juicy, has a pleasant taste, reminiscent of a common cabbage stump.

Kohlrabi has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and stomach. Due to the diuretic effect, this cabbage removes excess fluid from the body, toxins and toxins. Kohlrabi also helps to lower blood pressure and is used to prevent cancer. In pickled form, the vegetable retains its properties and parts are used in homemade preparations.

Kohlrabi pickle recipes

Pickled kohlrabi cabbage is prepared in combination with carrots, bell peppers and other vegetables. It is imperative to prepare a marinade containing water, granulated sugar and coarse salt. From spices, you can add sweet or faithful peas, laurel leaves, cloves. Fresh and dried herbs are a good addition to homemade herbs.

Recipe without sterilization

Delicious blanks suitable for long-term storage can be obtained without additional sterilization. In this case, the cooking order is as follows:

  1. The head of kohlrabi cabbage is peeled from leaves and peel. Then it needs to be washed and crumbled into small slices.
  2. The resulting pieces are dipped in boiling water, where a couple of large tablespoons of vinegar with a concentration of 5% were added.
  3. Then the water is drained, and the processed cabbage is put in jars.
  4. Additionally, you can put several umbrellas of dill, garlic cloves and chopped fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, dill) in the jars.
  5. For the marinade, fill an enamel container with one liter of water, dissolve 60 g of salt and 80 g of sugar.
  6. Put the container on fire and bring its contents to a boil.
  7. When the marinade boils, turn off the heat and add 100 ml of 5% vinegar.
  8. Prepared jars are poured with marinade, which are closed with lids.

Vinegar recipe

Vinegar acts as a preservative and gives the workpieces a sour taste. It is best to use apple cider vinegar or any fruit vinegar. Vinegar with a concentration of no more than 5% is also suitable for pickling.

The procedure for obtaining homemade preparations based on kohlrabi is as follows:

  1. A kilogram of kohlrabi cabbage is peeled and cut into bars.
  2. On the fire, you need to put a saucepan with a little water with the addition of fruit vinegar. Sliced ​​cabbage is dipped in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  3. Then the water is drained, and the components are transferred to the jar.
  4. Then they put a saucepan with a liter of water to boil, to which 40 g of salt and 70 g of granulated sugar are added.
  5. After boiling with brine, pour vegetable slices.
  6. Allspice, laurel leaf, fresh herbs are added to taste.
  7. Add 0.1 l of vinegar to the jar.
  8. The container is sealed with a lid and left to cool.

A simple recipe

According to the following recipe, you can pickle kohlrabi cabbage with a simple and quick method. Kohlrabi is cut into large pieces, which significantly reduces the cooking time.

There are several stages in the cooking procedure:

  1. Kohlrabi (5 kg) is boiled in salted water. If you are using young vegetables, you do not need to cook them.
  2. The cabbage and one carrot are cut into bars.
  3. A container filled with 3 liters of water is placed on the fire.
  4. After boiling, 125 g of salt and 15 g of citric acid are poured into the water. The tile must be turned off.
  5. Vegetables are placed in jars and tamped lightly.
  6. If desired, add allspice, laurel leaf, cloves and other spices for pickling.
  7. Jars need to be covered with lids and put to pasteurize. To do this, boil water in a saucepan and place jars in it. For half an hour, you need to leave the jars to pasteurize.
  8. Then the cans are sealed with iron lids and, upside down, covered with a blanket.

Onion recipe

In a simple way, you can cook kohlrabi for the winter with onions. In the cooking process, several stages are distinguished:

  1. A kilogram of kohlrabi needs to be chopped into cubes.
  2. The resulting cut is dipped in boiling water for 2 minutes, then the water is drained.
  3. Onions (0.2 kg) are chopped in half rings.
  4. For further filling, 0.5 l of water is required. You need to dissolve half a tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar in it.
  5. Eight peppercorns, a laurel leaf, a couple of dill umbrellas, black currant and cherry leaves are dipped into a glass jar.
  6. After signs of boiling appear, add 50 ml of vinegar.
  7. For 20 minutes, the jar is placed in a pot of boiling water for sterilization.
  8. The container is sealed with an iron lid.

Carrot recipe

Delicious blanks can be obtained by combining kohlrabi and carrots. You need to pickle cabbage in the following way:

  1. Kohlrabi (0.6 kg) should be peeled and cut in any convenient way.
  2. Carrots (0.2 kg) are peeled and diced.
  3. Peel the garlic (40 g).
  4. Celery sprigs (5 pcs.) And allspice peas (6 pcs.) Are placed in a glass container.
  5. Then the remaining components of the blanks are placed in the jar.
  6. To prepare the marinade, put 0.5 liters of water on the fire. Be sure to dissolve a teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar.
  7. When the marinade boils, you need to turn off the burner and add 50 ml of vinegar with a concentration of 9%.
  8. Water is poured into a large basin and brought to a boil. At the bottom of the container, you need to lay a piece of cloth.
  9. A jar of vegetables is placed in a basin and pasteurized for 20 minutes.
  10. Then the container is sealed, turned over and left to cool.

Hot pepper recipe

Kohlrabi spicy snack is made by adding hot pepper and garlic. When working with capsicum, you must follow the precautionary rules and do not allow it to get on the mucous membrane and skin.

The procedure for preparing vegetables for the winter consists of a number of stages:

  1. First, several kohlrabi tubers weighing 1 kg are taken, which must be peeled and chopped into strips.
  2. Place five sprigs of celery on the bottom of the container. A mixture of herbs (basil, cilantro, dill) is used as a seasoning. It also needs to be placed in a jar in the amount of 30 g.
  3. Garlic (40 g) must be peeled and chopped into plates.
  4. Hot peppers (100 g) must be finely chopped. The seeds are left, then the snack will acquire a spicier taste.
  5. The prepared components are filled into the jar.
  6. Water is boiled on the fire, where 5 tablespoons of salt are poured per liter of liquid.
  7. Marinade, until it has had time to cool, fill the contents of a glass container, and then seal it with a lid.
  8. It will take a month to pickle vegetables, after which you can serve them on the table.

Beetroot recipe

With the addition of beets, the blanks acquire a sweetish taste and rich color. The procedure for obtaining winter preparations, including kohlrabi and beets, consists of the following stages:

  1. Fresh kohlrabi cabbage (0.3 kg) is cut into bars or cubes.
  2. Beets (0.1 kg) should be peeled and chopped with half washers.
  3. Carrots (0.1 kg) are grated.
  4. Garlic (3 wedges) should be cut in half.
  5. The components are altered and poured over with hot water for 15 minutes.
  6. Then the water is drained, and the components are transferred to a glass jar.
  7. The marinade requires 250 ml of water, where salt (1 tablespoon) and sugar (2 tablespoons) are dissolved.
  8. When the liquid boils, it should be kept for 2 minutes and removed from the heat.
  9. From spices, you can add a couple of allspice peas.
  10. The contents of the jar are filled with hot pouring, after which it is closed with a nylon lid.
  11. When the container has cooled, it is moved to the refrigerator.
  12. You can serve a canned snack after 3 days.

Pepper and carrot recipe

Another way to marinate kohlrabi includes carrots and bell peppers. To fill a liter can, you need to go through several stages of preparation:

  1. Kohlrabi (1 pc.) Should be peeled and cut into cubes.
  2. For two minutes, the cabbage is placed in salted boiling water (1 tablespoon salt per liter of water). Then the vegetables need to be dipped in cold water and left in a colander.
  3. Carrots should be peeled and chopped on a coarse grater.
  4. One onion is peeled and cut into half rings.
  5. Cut two sweet peppers into half rings.
  6. A teaspoon of mustard seeds, a bay leaf, a few peas of allspice and three cloves of garlic are placed in a sterilized liter jar.
  7. Then the container is filled with the rest of the prepared ingredients.
  8. They put half a liter of water to boil on the fire with the addition of 3 teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of salt.
  9. When the liquid begins to boil, the burner is turned off and 30 ml of vinegar is added to the marinade.
  10. Then fill the jar with marinade and close it with a lid.
  11. For 10 minutes, the jar is pasteurized in a saucepan with water and sealed for the winter.
  12. For further storage, choose a cool place.

Vitamin snack

Kohlrabi can be combined with many vegetables, including other types of cabbage - white cabbage and cauliflower. Delicious blanks are prepared as follows:

  1. Kohlrabi (0.3 kg) should be cut into cubes.
  2. Cauliflower (0.3 kg) should be cut into florets. They are dipped in boiling water for a couple of minutes, after which they are poured over with cold water.
  3. Part of a white cabbage fork weighing 0.3 kg is chopped into thin strips.
  4. Carrots (0.3 kg) should be grated.
  5. Celery and parsley (stems and roots) are used as herbs. Approximately one bundle is taken with these components.
  6. Sweet peppers (5 pcs.) Are cut into several pieces and peeled from seeds.
  7. The ingredients are mixed and distributed among the jars.
  8. They put water (2 liters) to boil on the fire, add 4 large tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  9. After boiling, the vegetable components are poured with the marinade.
  10. Banks are tightly sealed and stored for winter storage.


Kohlrabi cabbage is one of the homemade ingredients, as it goes well with seasonal vegetables. For pickling, choose suitable containers in the form of glass jars. They are pretreated with hot water and steam to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria. Jars are tightly sealed and kept cold.

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