Orchids: a variety of species and forms

Orchids: a variety of species and forms

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There is probably not a single person who does not know what an orchid looks like. However, some types of plants may have an unusual color and appearance. But at the same time, all varieties have common recognizable features.

Flower features

All orchids, without exception, whether it is Vanilla or any other variety, are able to bloom at home continuously for a month. All flowers look amazing, although their structure is quite simple - 3 external sepals and 3 petals, two of which are petals, and one, modified, is a lip. Each species, whether Venus slipper or Veronica, has a column - stamens and pistils, fused in the center of the flower.

The leaves of the flower make high demands on air humidity and the temperature regime of the room. Under natural conditions, the plant reaches for the sun, clinging to tree trunks with its roots. In rocky terrain, the orchid is attached directly to the rocks. However, she can live without water for months.

Epiphytic orchids in the apartment are able to live without their usual natural conditions. However, plants should receive good care, otherwise flowers will not form on them.

Popular varieties and types

Now in almost any flower shop hybrid Dutch plants are found in a large number and variety. We are talking about the following types of orchids:

  • Paphiopedilum, or Venus slipper;
  • Miltonia;
  • Dwarf cymbidia;
  • Cumbria
  • Dendrobium;
  • Wanda;
  • Phalaenopsis, or Orchid Butterfly.

It is easiest to grow a species like Phalaenopsis at home. The plant has a long flowering period and looks beautiful. Other species, for example, Aulonokara, can also bloom at home, but to adapt to them on the windowsill is not easy.

In the world there are several tens of thousands of species of orchids. All of them belong to the Orchidaceae family. These flowers are found everywhere and do not grow except in Antarctica.

Consider the most popular types.

  1. Cattleya Orchid differs in complexity of cultivation, prefers a moderately warm climate. The leaves are large, flowers of impressive sizes - in diameter can reach 20 centimeters.
  2. Dendrobium It belongs to the group of medium difficulty growing and requires coolness. The petal is quite large, dendrobiums bloom no more than a month.
  3. Wanda feels great in a warm climate. The royal orchid has a powerful root system and a long stem; under favorable conditions, the roots grow up to a meter in length. The flowers are large and beautiful, initially pale, but after some time they become bright.
  4. Zygopetalum. The branch has beautiful fragrant flowers in two or three colors. The best option is to place the plant on the east or northeast window, since the zygopetalum does not like the bright sun.
  5. Vanilla. It is cultivated as an ornamental houseplant and a source of famous spice. The color of the petals can be white, yellow, greenish. The flowering is short - only 1 day, but there are many flowers, so in total the most beautiful period of the plant's life lasts for several weeks.

We also offer you to learn about how to independently prepare the soil for orchids.

Orchids: the realm of beauty

Unusually colored specimens

Petals can be any color other than blue. There are plants of a completely unique color, for example, a golden orchid. By the way, the cost of such a plant is about 5 thousand dollars. The species grows on Mount Kinabalu, located in Malaysia, and blooms for the first time at the age of 15.

There is a silver orchid in nature. She belongs to the genus Cymbidium and prefers a warm climate. The plant was taken as the basis for the image for the Singapore coin of the Natural Orchids series. When creating the drawing, an interesting design move was used - the flower seemed to go beyond the coin. The series was sold out as soon as possible.

Among plants with an unusual color, it is worth noting such a species as the green Cymbidium orchid. The plant is distinguished by brightness of color and splendor of flowering, delicate aroma. Petals are only pale green, but despite this, such flowers look great in bouquets in combination with others.

Dracula's orchid is terribly beautiful in shape and color. It includes 123 species and can grow at an altitude of 2.5 kilometers above sea level. A distinctive feature is the presence of outgrowths covered with hairs. The variety has long been grown in Europe as greenhouse flowers, now it is extremely rarely cultivated at home.

The Siberian orchid also looks original, the number of forms and species of which is constantly increasing. The plant is a whole community of unique colors:

  • Calypso onion;
  • Limestone slipper;
  • Drip shoe and others.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the Gnezdovka orchid, which has brown flowers and stems. In addition to the fact that the plant looks intimidating, it also eats the products of decay of organic substances. Nesting has lost the ability to eat independently due to minerals, which is characteristic of other flowers.

Artificial Orchids: Man-Made Beauty

Man-made products in the form of beautiful flowers will refresh the interior and make it more romantic and elegant.

Recently, artificial flowers collected in topiary have become increasingly popular. Depending on the chosen color of the petals, it can become a successful addition to any - soft or bright - interior. If pink and white tones are used in the work, floral topiary can be a wonderful wedding decoration.

Artificial orchids can be made from nylon. Such products practically do not differ from fresh flowers, the only difference is the lack of aroma.

Many craftsmen make artificial flowers using the papier-mâché technique. Such an orchid, made by yourself, is very similar to the original, especially if you choose the right lighting to demonstrate the flower.

Often the image of a delicate plant is used to embroider pictures with floss thread. Any kind of flower looks great on the canvas, if the embroidery is done expertly.

In addition to the fact that self-made flower models decorate the interior, they can also be a great gift.

Good advice and interesting facts

  1. Feng Shui orchid is considered a source of comfort and prosperity. The plant takes away negative energy and is the embodiment of harmony. If you follow the Feng Shui philosophy, it is important to remember that orchids like to settle in the living room more than in the study.
  2. The plant has a rich variety of species. In total, there are about 35 thousand varieties in the world, which is about 1/10 of all flowers.
  3. Shades of petals, like flower shapes, are diverse. There are plants of amazing colors: golden orchid, orange and even black. Dracula and some other species have a very unusual form of flowers.
  4. Since orchids are tropical plants, it is necessary to spray them along with watering, otherwise new shoots will not appear.
  5. When choosing a soil, it is better to give preference to such a substrate as ceramis for orchids. It suits all varieties - Cymbidiums, Miltoniae, Phalaenopsis.
  6. If the leaves of the flower become soft, this indicates a lack of moisture. In this case, it is worth moving the plant to a room with higher humidity or with a lower temperature.
  7. If you decide to plant varieties from Vietnam, it is worth remembering that their trunk is very heavy, so you will either have to tie it up, or attach a large stick next to the plant.
  8. Fungicides will help protect orchids from the fungus, but only if they are used clearly according to the instructions.

Orchid: a variety of shapes and colors

In the world there are a huge number of different orchids that differ in color, shape and aroma - Siberian, Cymbidium, Wanda, Phalaenopsis and others. All of them can grow at home. Learning how to handle this flower, you can create a whole orchidarium that will delight you with flowering plants for many years and will become a real highlight of the interior.

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