Huts and live gazebos in the country with your own hands

Huts and live gazebos in the country with your own hands

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Huts and lively pavilions in the country can not only modify the exterior, adding some zest to the landscape, but also create a pleasant place to relax based on natural materials. How to make a hut or a live gazebo on a summer cottage with your own hands, read it now.

Today we decided to move a little away from more capital construction and do things that are directly related to nature. We will create a high-quality and very nice hut from branches and living plants, as well as build a lively arbor, braided by climbing plants or trees and shrubs. For work that brings pleasure and benefit, you only need desire and some knowledge.

The benefits of huts and live arbors

Naturally, this is not capital construction, the objects of which are based on serious foundations and frames, therefore we cannot call such products too stable and reliable. They will not protect from strong winds or heavy rain, but perhaps these are the only significant shortcomings.

Now I would like to draw attention to the advantages, which are much greater.

  • It is immediately worth noting that any living arbor or artificially created hut is an environmentally friendly building in which fresh air and the aroma of plants will always be present. Here you can easily hide in the shade from the burning sun, and you can also spend time with interesting conversation, tea drinking, dinner with your family.
  • A similar structure can be created by growing plants or fixing special materials even with your own hands. The experience of welding, installing heavy structures or woodworking is not useful to you. It is enough to want and build, act on elementary technology and create a project that is in harmony with the natural component of your summer cottage.
  • You will not spend a lot of money on the construction of a lively gazebo or hut. It is quite realistic that all your expenses will be only the basic materials for a light frame (if you foresee it), as well as plants, which will become the basis for the formation of living walls and a roof-dome.

Based on beauty and environmental friendliness, you can still find a lot of advantages, but is it worth it to prove yourself the positive aspects of a future project, if you have already decided everything.

How to build a tent in the country with your own hands

To build a hut, you must first identify priorities. First, decide what needs it will be used for. Most often, use the building as a children's building, for games and fun for kids. We have already discussed the hut on the playground, as well as the treehouse, earlier, and therefore there is already a source for detailed acquaintance.

If the hut is being built for other needs, for example, it will play the role of a gazebo, then we are ready to talk about it now.

The base of the hut is soil and a special ditch for installing frame materials. Here you do not need any pouring or foundation, it is enough to use a shovel and dig a trench around the perimeter of the future structure. Further, it is enough to install two supporting elements for the structure using a beam or log. The cross between the supporting elements will become the base of the roof and the upper base of the walls. Now, on the simplest frame, you can lay the branches that the hut will consist of, fixing the upper part on the base, and the lower one in the ditch that we prepared.

An elementary hut can be built in a day, and then use it to store the collected vegetables or fruits in a remote area from farm buildings, for children to play if the hut is in the yard, and also to relax in the country.

You can always make a hut in the country and much faster if you use the wireframe method and, for example, a camouflage net. Just a few hours and you're done!

How to build a live gazebo in the country

It seems to us that things are much more interesting with lively gazebos, because this is not only a construction for relaxation, but also a wonderful small architectural form, which will become an indispensable decoration of a summer cottage during landscape design.

What is needed for construction? Let's start with the main thing.

Green living arbors

Choosing a place for a lively gazebo

We keep the reference point not only to the place that we like and suit most of all, but we knowingly evaluate our own capabilities, the future design of the site and the requirements of the plants that will be directly involved in the organization. It would be more correct to place the gazebo in the backyard, near the main buildings, in order to cover one side of it from the winds. Of course, if a region with a temperate climate and you can make a really reliable framework, then you can not pay any attention to atmospheric phenomena. Take away only from plants and their ability to grow in the place where you install the gazebo.

Material selection

We advise you to work with simple materials and, so to speak, not to invent a bicycle again. For a very long time, such structures were built of wood or metal - materials of an average price niche that are easy to work with. If you want to bring the gazebo closer to wildlife, choose a tree, but if metal can be harmoniously poured into the surroundings - there are no problems.

Experts advise strong and inexpensive types of these materials - a wooden beam and a profile pipe.

Installing the frame of a live gazebo

You can start with the foundation or concreting of the foundations, but since we have agreed to move away from capital construction, but still want to get a stable structure, we will concrete the main parts. During conversations about fences, fences and even vertical beds and gates for summer cottages, we mentioned how the pillars are strengthened. We operate by the classical method and establish a stable base of the gazebo.

The frame can be interconnected around the perimeter of the structure, make the upper base so that it is more convenient for the plants to braid the roof. Since the roof in this exterior element is not assumed, we would only need to create a light crate that will hold branches and stems on itself. This can be a metal or wooden crate installed on the top of the frame of a live gazebo, or it can just be a piece of netting net, which is screwed to the frame on a wire.

Decorating a lively gazebo

On the internal content, we suggest that you think for yourself. It can be a table and benches, or maybe just a set of ordinary country furniture, say, plastic. The main thing is that you are comfortable.

Painting the frame is also at your own discretion, but it is mandatory, since varnish or paint performs not only an aesthetic function, but also a protective one.

The main part of the decor is the selection, planting and plant formation for a lively gazebo. This is a little complicated at first, but when the plants are planted, and their agricultural technology is studied and accepted by you, everything becomes much easier.

Choose climbing plants, form the basics of a lively gazebo from them, gently and without injuring, fix the branches on the frame, lay them on the roof, throw over the upper base. As the plants grow older, be sure to form a crown, prune as you grow, remove dry and interfering parts, let the stems in the right direction.

You can install the gazebo in just one day, but growing plants for formation will be a little more difficult and longer in terms. Although, if you are well oriented in ornamental plants for such arbors, after a month and a half you can get the result.

What plants to choose for a lively gazebo

Many plants are suitable for decoration, but again we recall that it is worth choosing them not only by name, but also by the requirements for agricultural technology. In addition, be sure to determine the possibility of proper development in your climate, soil composition, temperature conditions, humidity, average annual temperature and so on.

We advise you to pay attention to honeysuckle, girl's grapes, clematis and many other plants, which can be found in more detail on our website, in particular, in the article on vertical gardening in the country.

The simplest living gazebo in the country

Build a do-it-yourself hut or a cute living gazebo in the country I would like to each of us. But remember that only experience and diligence govern the final result, and therefore be careful about the details, but never give up the idea with the original design of a garden or other area of ​​a summer residence.

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